Pandascrow uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the status of a particular request.

These responses are grouped into:

  • Informational Responses - (100 - 199)
  • Successful Responses - (200 - 299)
  • Redirects - (300 - 399)
  • Client Errors - (400 - 499)
  • Server Errors - (500 - 599)
Status codeErrorDescription
200Successful 💯Your request was successful.
400Bad requestMost likely an invalid syntax. Check all parameters.
401UnauthorizedThis is an unauthorized request. Contact [email protected].
402Payment RequiredYour balance is most likely low, and you are required to top your balance
404Not FoundURL not recognized. Check to confirm the right URL.
405Method not foundThe request is disabled. Check the URL or roll back recent upgrades.
408Request timeoutYour request took longer than it should have. Check your internet connection.
424Failed DependencyThird-Party Service Failure
429Too many requestsYou have sent too many requests that have exceeded the rate limit. You need to wait a while.
500,502,503,504Server errorThis is a very rare occurrence where the server is unable to process a request properly. Contact [email protected].