This endpoint would allow you to create a crowdpay transaction via Pandascrow API.

[POST] {{baseurl}}/sandbox/index/transaction/crowdpay/new

Create Transaction - Crowdpay

To create a crowdpay transaction, you'll need to pass in the required keys and values in the table below.

userIDYesProvide userID assigned to users with Pandascrow accountInteger
businessIDYesProvide businessID assigned to users with Pandascrow accountInteger
purposeYesEnter the purpose of the transaction from the options (myself, family and friend, charity)String
projectnameYesEnter the name of the fund raising (e.g Pandascrow Team vacation)String
projectgoalYesProject goal is the amount you wish to raise on Pandascrow wall of fundsString
projectdescYesDescribe clearly what the donation is for, this would be visible for donors.String
currencyYesEnter only currency from the options provided (e.g NGN, USD, ZAR, GHS, and CAD)String
is_escrowYesBoolean of 1 = Yes or 0 = NoInteger
is_publicYesThis would control whether it'll be listed or accessed only via private URL. Boolean of 1 = Yes or 0 = NoInteger

API Object

    "status": 200,
    "data": {
        "paymentURL": "",
        "message": "Successfully created a crowdpay transaction"
curl -L -X POST '{{baseurl}}/sandbox/index/transaction/crowdpay/new' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: SECRET_KEY' \
-H 'Appid: appid'
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